Nukumori no yado


This is a guest house for overnight stay with no meal.
There is a shared kitchen where you can cook and eat at any time you like.
You can also BBQ under the stars.

All private rooms (Can be locked)

Twin bed Room

Max.2 persons
1person per night 10,000yen~
※Prices vary depending on the date.

Double bed Room

 Max.2 persons 
 1person per night 9,000yen~ 
※Prices vary depending on the date.

Bunk bed Room

Max.4 persons (2 person~)
1person per night 10,000yen~ 

※Prices vary depending on the date. 


Rental fee for BBQ area:800yen(per person)
Food set : 1, 800yen(per person) 
Charcoal : 900yen(per box)

※ Advance reservation is required. 

Information required for reservation

    (Ship Arrival Time : ___________)
Check-out: ______/____/_____ 
    (Departure time of the ship : ____________) 

Room : _____________
Number for people : _____(Ages 13 and up)
                                    _____(7 to 12 years old)
                                    _____(3 to 6 years old)

★ Option ★
【 BBQ 】
  Deta : _____/___/____
  Time : A.5:00pm~7:30pm or B.8:00pm~10:30pm
  Food set : ____person
  Charcoal : ____box

※ Please email the above contents.

※ We will pick you up at the port according to the time your ship arrives at the port.
※ I am waiting with a flag that says 亀吉大家(Kameyoshioya).

Reservations are accepted from the same day two months prior to your stay.

Cancellation policy

If canceled due to customer's convenience, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the cancellation policy.
Our guesthouse is a small inn with few rooms. Once the room is full, we will not accept reservations from other guests. Please refrain from canceling without notice or making temporary reservations based on last-minute cancellations.

[Regular plan]
1) 7 days to 4 days before: 30% of the total fee
2) 3 days to 2 days before: 70% of the total fee
3) 1 day before to the day: 100% of the total fee
4) Cancellation without notice: 100% of accommodation fee

[Private rental and Long stay plan]
1) 14 days to 8 days before: 50% of the total fee
2) 7 days before - on the day: 100% of total fee
3) Cancellation without notice: 100% of total fee

If a guest requests a shortening of the contracted number of days (accommodation period) during their stay, and the guesthouse accepts the request, a penalty of one day (first day) will be collected regardless of the number of shortened days.
In addition, if you are unavoidably canceled due to force majeure such as flight cancellation, we will respond seriously if you contact us.